About Ceflix Scepter

We have
Several Years of Experience

Ceflix Scepter is positioned to offer enterprise data center retailing services to government, telecom operators, SMEs, large enterprises, and educational institutions in West Africa and beyond.

The focus of our business is to deploy a world-class infrastructure where enterprises in Africa and beyond can easily and safely access their stored IT systems and data.

We implements a core feature which requires redundancies on key datacenter infrastructure such as Power Supply and Generation, Internet Access Provision, Cooling and security.

How We Are Different

Our signature approach combines extensive and in-depth case-specific solutions. We deliver innovative value in vertical and horizontal markets across industries. We leverage our global network and in-depth industry knowledge, to assist organisations in mitigating the risks associated with internal systems, business processes, projects, applications, data and third-party reliance.

– We help businesses deal with the challenges of governance, risk, and compliance by identifying gaps, analyzing and remediating them. We assist our teeming clients in coordinating the utilization of people, process, and technology to improve GRC’s effectiveness and help manage costs.

– We deliver measurable values from where we take over – minimum of 25% improvement. Our focus is to instill risk-based decision-making culture and a tangible Information and Cyber Security practices enterprise-wide. The two key drivers to delivering solutions are:

– The unmatchable cost to value – We provide a huge value at the lowest cost in any location we have under-taken tasks while maintaining target profit margin and improving productivity. We are positioned as an assurance company offering value for money.

– Unique differentiator – We continually develop specialist services that are not available from other providers. We become the leading provider of information and data protection services in different sectors in Nigeria and Africa at large.

– Quality People – We pride ourselves on the skill, expertise, and experience of our people by recruiting and retaining efficient, dedicated, qualified workforce in order to position the company as an attractive firm to work for. We focus on exemplary leadership, mentorship, respect for one another and cherishing family values in building internal capacity for excellence. We shall continue to be competitive in our compensation regime, good working conditions, excellent training and great career opportunities to our people. We shall continually drive our people to improve their skills and qualifications so that we could become accredited to recognized industry standard relevant to the business.

Through the extensive knowledge and experience of our founder, the management team, and partnerships, we are proud to offer the services of our highly acclaimed professionals to meet the needs of our clients.

We demand that our deliverables meet or exceed industry and professional standards.

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We operate between 8am to 7pm every day. We also recognize that some projects require the adoption of flexible schedule in order to deliver expectations within the timeframe.